Friday, 7 June 2013

Athcon 2013

I am just on my way back from presenting at Athcon 2013 – the premier IT Security conference in Greece.

It was my first time at Athcon, but I have to say that I was impressed. The organisers did a great job with the venue and facilities, and choosing speakers which had a great mix of content and technical depth.

I presented my research on “Hacking Security Appliances” (which I have previously presented at BlackHat Europe, and Dublin Source earlier this year). That’s probably my last time presenting that particular material, as I want to keep things fresh and I'm currently working on various ideas I have for interesting new research.

For reference my base slides and white-paper for the material are here:

I saw good solid presentations from other speakers including the following:

Max Sobell - Security of NFC wallets
Michele Orru - Using BeEf for custom shellcode and inter-protocol attacks
Jurriaan Bremer - Automated de-obfuscation of android apps and malware
Kostas Papapanagiotou - History of OWASP Top 10

(and also had a good meal out in Athens last night, with some of the other speakers, which was great fun)

Athcon also had a “capture the flag” (CTF) competition hosted by Symantec (unfortunately I didn't get time to take part, but is seemed to be very popular).

All in all a great conference that I would like to attend (and speak there) again.