Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Scapy packet forging, and writing multi-threaded networking scripts with Python

Just a quick post on a couple of great videos I found.

If you are interested in using python for exploit-development of network services this may be helpful.

This is the start of what looks like a great series of videos from Rene Schallner and Patrick Schallner, on Python skills for hacking.

It looks like they will be covering useful techniques in a good deal of depth (good for me anyway) and think they will be releasing more videos over the next few weeks on

First video

This video covers the basics of running scapy, and basic python scripts to emulate a server and client.

Second video

After the basics in video one, this second video gets much more in-depth; implementing multi-threaded clients and servers, and using scapy to capture, edit and replay packets to replicate malicious traffic.

It looks like there will be several more of these videos to come.
(Keep up the good work Rene and Patrick. Your videos are great so far!)

Scapy documentation

Additionally, there is a great set of online documentation of scapy at the following location:


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