Sunday, 13 February 2011

Answers for some simple questions on Backtrack 4

I looked through the Google search results that are hitting my blog over the past month or so, and it seems that there are some simple recurring searches that I feel I can answer here without much effort.

I will paraphrase and answer the simple searches on Backtrack 4 here.
(Maybe I will write some larger articles on some of the bigger subjects later.)

Where are the password dictionaries in Backtrack 4?

There are a few million, right out of the box. Here are some to start with.


How do you update metasploit?

Just type "msfupdate"

How do you fix a broken metasploit?

This seems to be a very common problem. I already did a post on this here:

How do you install a decent FTP server on Backtrack?

Install vsftpd using apt-get

apt-get -y install vsftpd

(Type "man vsftpd" for more info)

How do you revert iptables?

To list the iptables rules

iptables -L

To clear the iptables rules

iptables --flush

To save the iptables rules

iptables-save > blah.txt

To restore the iptables rules

iptables-restore blah.txt

Where has Wireshark gone in Backtrack 4 R2?

Indeed, a good question. I asked this very same question to one of the developers, and got a short answer, but hey...

It used to be in the "Internet" folder, but it disappeared from there. However, you can run it from the command-line by typing "wireshark".

Wireshark extra

Now that you've got your feet wet with Wireshark from the command line, you may want to try some cool command line parameters, like this for example:

wireshark -i eth0 -f "host and tcp port 80" -k

This starts Wireshark, sets up a filter, specifies the capture interface, and starts a capture all in one go. Which I find quicker and more repeatable than running the same from the UI.

Other stuff

If any of this helps you, please give me some feedback below. If there are other simple things you want know, you could also leave question. I check and respond to comments.


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